Stream Analyze

A scientific-based startup
Stream Analyze specialize in software for scalable real-time analyses of data in motion.

About Us

More and more devices are equipped with connectivity. Technology advance produce more data due to higher resolution, faster sampling etc. Deployment of fiber optics and new radio technology gives increasing bandwidth for more data to be transported.

Stream Analyze is the company founded to solve this problem. The software sa.engine is a Data Stream Management System “DSMS” faster than any known competitor. It enables CPU-intense analytics and event processing in real-time without the need of low level programming.


Nordic and Baltic serial entrepreneur, co-founder of companies like Framfab (Swe), Bredbandsbolaget (Swe), Folkia/Folkefinans (No), HBO Nordic and Wallester (Est)


Professor Emeritus in Database Technology from Uppsala University. Founded research group UDBL. AI expert in Silicon Valley, scholar at Stanford, professor at Linköping University.


Global top-level manager and CIO with a successful track record of driving, growing and developing strategic business and technical transformation from multiple verticals.


Technical Lead Developer, with in-depth knowledge of implementing and deploying software into highly technical and complex industrial and mobile environments.


Developer and researcher of data stream management systems, super computing, scalable execution of data stream and management systems


Top-Level manager from telecom and industrial enterprises, developing organizations and people to the next level, exceeding business results year-over-year.