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sa.studio Community Edition – online sandbox

sa.studio is a streaming analytics and AI platform designed for edge devices from industrial PCs to micro processing units; and also microcontrollers for our enterprise customers. It is an end to end platform enabling efficient development, training, deployment, and orchestration of analytics, computational, and AI models. Sa.studio Community Edition is free to use for non commercial applications. Sign up for an account and get started now! 

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Here is the online forum. You need to login to be able to post questions. Please post any questions on using sa.studio to create edge analytics and AI solutions! We are also very interested to get feedback and feature requests!

Supported edge devices

  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Android
  • NXP i.mx6
  • NXP i.mx8
  • HMS Global Platform
  • Host Mobility MX4
  • Microchip SAMA5D27
  • Mangoh Red
  • Mangoh Yellow
  • Generic Linux x86/64
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • ARM M4 based MCUs (Only with enterprise edition)

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