2021-12-09 /
Streaming analytics for edge devices – please try this at home!

Our company is on a quest to bring the benefits of real time streaming analytics and AI to edge devices and microcontrollers. Our customers have used our sa.engine platform successfully for a few years now and today we offer anyone interested to try our newly developed cloud-based version. All you need to get started is a computer and an Android phone. We also support many other edge devices such as Raspberry Pi, NXP I.MX6 and I.MX8, Microchip SAMA5D and more. Arduino and iOS will be supported soon.

Our platform supports the full lifecycle of developing analytics and AI solutions for edge devices, allowing you to easily create, iterate, deploy, and orchestrate models without having to be a five-star programmer.

Welcome to try out SA Studio Community Edition! We love getting feedback and suggestions for further improvements!

Gets started here: https://studio.streamanalyze.com/home

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