Products and Services


sa.engine is a groundbreaking analytic engine built with ease of use and performance in mind. It lets you respond in real-time to anomalies in data flows or handle cpu-intensive operations on massive data volumes. Our platform independent software is easy to embed and interface with other systems. Streams can be parallelized over a central or distributed cluster to achieve unmatched performance and transfer efficiency.

Real-time Analysis

Analyze data at extreme bandwidth while performing advanced analytics. More than 10x times faster than any other system.

Analysis Language

Our high-level query and analysis language improve productivity. Automatic generation of statistics and heuristics ensures an efficient query implementation.


Small footprint software using OS independent ANSI C makes sa.engine portable and embeddable in almost any platform.

User Defined Indexing

The sa.engine plug-in architecture offers dynamic loading of user defined indexes for highly efficient stream matching.

Data Integration

Connect to external data sources for stream matching and data persistance using standardized protocols and adapters.

Edge Analytics

Extract previosly hidden business value by analyzing and reacting to real time data at the source of origin.

sa.engine for Android

sa.engine is the only complex real-time streaming anytics system running on Android. Our minimal footprint together with our resouce efficient high level query language provides a range of new and disruptive use cases.

Stream Analyze Professional Services

Stream Analyze Services helps you envision the possibilities and quickly realize business value from analyzing streaming data. Our system architects and analysts are deeply experienced in the processes of building a custom tailored solution for your business. Using Stream Analyze´s business-first approach, we help accelerate the transformation of your company into a connected business, so you can quickly increase sales, optimize service and delight users and customers.


sa.amos is a free for non-commercial use main memory database engine which is a component in sa.engine.