Use Cases

Specifically designed for the unique challenges of complex industrial data
Stream Analyze specialize in software for scalable real-time analyses of data in motion.

Stream Analyze addressing the market for main IoT investments: Manufacturing, Transportation and Utilities. Not only are a large amount of investments being made in these sectors, but all three of them are very mature regarding IoT.

Predictive Maintenance in Mining

Mining loaders undergo severe wear and tear, both above ground as well as under ground. Adding complexity, mining operations often have severe limitations to connectivity.

In particular, a wheel loader that is at a standstill underground is extremely costly for operations. Not only does it block other vehicles in the mining facility, but it reduces production and the turnaround of getting a technician in place is usually long.

sa.engine allows the mining vehicles to predict when an anomaly is going to occr, ensuring that they they can evacuate the mine before breaking down. Also, our ad-hoc analysis allows monitoring centers and technicians to further determine the source of the failure.

Not only does this improve operations and allows for predictive maintenance of vehicles, but also allows you to issue premium SLAs, improving planned downtime, reducing spare part inventory, reducing warrenty claims and enabling automation among other.

Pay-per-usage in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry's margins on direct sales is continuously being challenged, whereas the after-market has a larger potential. This has forced industrial leaders to reevaluate their pricing strategies severely. One model that is attractive is "pay-per-usage", introducing a subscribtion-based pricing model on assets.

This pricing model has previously been impossible, or at least impractical to implement as the technology has simply not been in place. sa.engine enables industries to monitor, track and gather complex information on machine usage.

Not only does this enable long-term increased profitability and customer stickyness, but also allows for introducing new services, new business models and ultimately increasing enterprise value.

Smart Energy in Utilites and Facility Management

A huge cost within Facility Mangement is energy management, be it direct electrical consumption or central heating. Even the regulators on modern boiler pans are not optimal.

By introducing sa.engine, facility management can better obtain control over their energy consumption in their overall costs by being able to create customized heating curves, monitoring and controlling electricity consumption.

Utility companies can augment their services, by providing smart heating and energy consumption products and services, creating a more sustainable environment, saving money for facility owners and ultimately increasing their own turnover.

R&D / Product Development in Medtech

Traditional R&D or product development in medtech is a cumbersome and slow process, requiring hours, days, months and years of data anlysis in closed environments to develop models for automating their products.

Using sa.engine, this process can be enhanced, augmented and redfined. Our development model allows for rapid modelling, deployment and evaluation in minutes through our dynamic modeling tool.

It also allows product development to work in synchronicty with actual production, as sa.engine allows you to obtain data directly from the field, choosing only the data points desired.