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sa.studio is a streaming analytics and AI platform designed for edge devices including microcontrollers. It is an end to end platform enabling efficient development, training, deployment, and orchestration of analytics, computational, and AI models. sa.studio Community Edition is free to use for non commercial applications. Sign up for an account and get started!

Revolutionary model development process

  • Our technology accelerates and evolves model development validation, reducing the process to minutes, a process that usually is very slow, taking hours/days/weeks/years
  • Models can be developed, validated, refined and deployed on the fly
  • Analysts can experiment with data directly on equipment
  • Productivity and time to market is vastly improved

Supporting a broad range of analytical models

  • Supporting a broad range of analytics models suitable for a large variety of different use cases
  • Including over a thousand predefined mathematical/statistical functions for traditional analytics
  • Providing ML models for clustering, classification, vector quantization and more, including DBSCAN, DenStream, k-NN, Random Forest and k-means
  • Reuse existing models, plugin custom models, algorithms and libraries – easily integrated into our platform

Easy to use low-code environment

  • Develop models with our easy-to-use high level query language
  • Designed to be easy to use for data scientists, engineers and analysts
  • No need for deep programming skills

Powerful tools for real-time visualization

  • Visualize data streams and sensor values in real time
  • Visualize streaming model results in real time

Documentation and tutorials

  • Comprehensive reference documentation
  • Extensive tutorial and example code to use as a starting point for your project
  • Interactive notebooks to document models

Extraction and export of data

  • Easy to extract real time data streams from edge devices
  • Easy to export both raw and filtered real time data streams to other systems

Features/Versionssa.studio Community Editionsa.studio Enterprise
PriceFreeOn offer
Number of usersSingle userMultiple users (On offer)
Fully featured studio editor(Cloud or on prem)
Rapid model development and deployment to edge device
No code graphic editor Alpha version Alpha version
Library with over a thousand predefined analytics functions
Access to edge device softwareSee community page(Any device, any OS)
Visualization tools
Built in security solutions
Comprehensive documentation
Sever scale out to vast deployments (On offer)
Cloud server capacity Limited: 0,25 Virtual CPUs, 0,5 GB RAM * (On offer, cloud or on prem)
Cloud server for production deployments **(Cloud or on prem)
Cloud Server storageLimited to 10 GB ***(On offer, cloud or on prem)
Simultaneous connected edge devices Limited to 10Unlimited (On offer)
On prem version of the full platform (On offer)
Extensions, integrations, deployments (On offer)
Support ForumCommercial grade support (on offer)
Training and workshops (On offer)

*) Cloud server capacity is limited to accommodate a single user
**) Cloud server will go into sleep mode when a user logs out, shutting down data streams
***) Cloud server storage is limited to accommodate a single user

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