Enabling AI. Everywhere.

Solutions for real-time analysis of IoT data on the Edge
Stream Analyze specialize in software for scalable real-time analyses of data in motion.

Stream Analyze provides a groundbreaking IoT Edge stream Analytic Engine built with productivity in mind. It lets you respond in real-time to anomalies in data flows on Edge devices or integrate real-time analysis over massive data volumes from many Edge devices. Our platform-independent small footprint software is easy to embed and interface with other systems. In addition to performing ad-hoc analysis and queries over data streams directly on your Edge devices, we enable building, training, running and deploying AI everywhere.

Edge Analytics

Ad hoc analytics on mobile and embedded devices enables our customers to not only achieve faster real-time answers while utilizing significantly less bandwidth at a lower cost, but also increasing service reliability, lowering OpEx and creating new revenue streams, e.g. predictive maintenance. Our system is fully hardware and OS independent. Read more

Empower Analysts

Interact using a high-level query and modeling language with no need for deep programming skills. Analytical filters can be quickly implemented, tested and deployed. External algorithms can be plugged in and easily reused. Read more

AI on the Edge

Stream Analyze allows you to create, deploy and train neural networks on your edge devices, which, combined with ad hoc mathematical/ statistical models, allows edge devices to be customized and adapted for its specific tasks. Our system is fully interoperable with Google Tensorflow. Read more

AI Everywhere

As our software engine is light-weight (<1Mbyte),
hardware and software independent, running on any operating system with no third party software dependencies, we can deploy to virtually any hardware device without retrofitting: AI Everywhere. Read more