Analytics at the Edge

Stream Analyze specialize in software for scalable real-time analyses of data in motion.
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We provide a groundbreaking analytic engine built with efficiency and performance in mind. The analytic engine enables real-time queries and analysis of data in motion utilizing a high level query language. It let’s you respond in real-time to anomalies in data flows or handle cpu-intensive operations on massive data volumes.

We call it sa.engine.


Empower Analysts

Interact using a high level query and modeling language with no need for deep programming skills. Analytical filters can be quickly implemented and tested. External algorithms can be plugged in and easily reused.


Streaming Performance

Scale your real-time compute intense algorithms over multiple nodes using our parasplit* technology. It outperforms any other existing system.


Edge Analytics

Analytics on mobile and embedded devices enables our customers to achieve faster real-time answers while utilizing significantly less bandwidth at a lower cost.


SA on Android

sa.engine is the only complex real-time streaming anytics system running on Android. Our minimal footprint together with our resouce efficient high level query language provides a range of new and disruptive use cases.


Real-Time Visualization

sa.engine provides tools for customized real-time visualization of streaming data in web browsers. Web designers can very easily embed data stream visualizations in web-applications. The web applications can call web visualization systems such as Google Maps and D3 in the real-time visualizations.


Apache Kafka

For organizations using Apache Kafka for data integration, sa.engine provides an interface where raw data produced by other systems in real time through Kafka can be transformed, analyzed, and visualized by sa.engine. The results of analyzes can furthermore be fed back into Kafka for use in other systems.