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Put some sensors on your product. Then, imagine that what you will receive isn’t just a stream of raw data, but intelligent messages, such as: “Hi, I need maintenance.” “Energy consumption has increased by 18 percent this week.” “The usage cost of me today was 57 dollars.” All this directly on the device, without relying on the cloud. 

Also, imagine that this is possible within a short time frame on any device, no matter how small, pushing down your cost, and opening up new revenue streams. And that your product owners, engineers, and analysts can twist the models behind the messages as they like, on the fly, from day one. 

This is Stream Analyze — making any device smart. Simpler, quicker, and interactive. 

Use cases: Have a dialogue with your products.


Understand what will happen to your products before it happens, and act in time, optimizing maintenance. Provide new services and guaranteed performance to your customers.

Usage & Cost

Gain a true understanding of how your customers are using your products in real time. Make the product calculate the current cost of usage, and offer your product as a service.


Make your product development continuous by interacting with your devices. Launch faster. Fix glitches instantaneously. Extend the product lifetime, adding new features.

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sa.studio is a streaming analytics and AI platform designed for edge devices including microcontrollers. It is an end to end platform enabling efficient development, training, deployment, and orchestration of analytics, computational, and AI models. sa.studio Community Edition is free to use for non commercial applications. Sign up for an account and get started!

Under the Hood

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What makes us unique

We fit in any device

Our platform, sa.engine, is hardware and OS agnostic, it is independent of third party software, and it has a footprint of 100kB–5.2MB. This allows us to deploy sa.engine to any of your existing devices, without adding or changing any hardware.

Ask your device anything, any time

Once sa.engine is deployed on your device, you can analyze the data stream locally and securely with any mathematic, statistical, or AI based model. You can do it on the fly, asking your device anything, any time, allowing for continuous tuning and upgrades.

You are in control

Whether your focus is technology or finance, you can upload and tweak your own models with no need for programming skills, making the product communicate any intelligent message or KPI that you need. Continuously in real time.

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Latest news and highlights

2021-10-22 /
Stream Analyze one of Sweden’s top-33 startups!
We are extremely proud and honored to announce that we have been selected by Sweden’s most distinguished newspaper within engineering, Ny Teknik, as one of Sweden’s top-33 startups! Please read the full article (in Swedish) here: https://www.nyteknik.se/special/33-listan-2021-har-ar-sveriges-basta-teknikstartups-7022751  or listen to the pod (in Swedish): https://poddtoppen.se/podcast/1483916137/allt-du-behover-veta-om-ny-teknik/68-har-a[…]ovativa-startups-2021-trender-teknik-potential-och-riskkapital
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2021-07-02 /
SA at Motor Valley Fest in Modena, Italy
Our COO, Daniel Spahr, will be pitching at the Italian Motor Valley Fest in Modena (https://motorvalley.it/en/motorvalleyfest-2/) today at 15.20. Feel free to follow the pitch via Youtube live: https://youtu.be/ZFw_3XWpmIE  
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2021-06-02 /
Edge Computing Expo Europe
Next week, Stream Analyze's COO Daniel Spahr is speaking at Edge Computing Expo Europe:https://edgecomputing-expo.com/europe/track/day-2/  He will be covering the topic: Continuous Product Development – Better than Tesla! Highlights: How Tesla has set a global standard for continuous product development and why it is important  Time-to-market and continuous development of AI is crucial for success, requiring tools […]
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It all started in 1975 with a curious and talented research student.

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